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Companionship and Respite Care During the Holidays

The holidays can be particularly difficult for not only loved ones who are aging at home but also for the family members who are their caregivers. So many fun events and parties take place during the holiday season, but there can also be loneliness and stress involved. Because of these, not only is respite care important for you, but having companionship for your loved one is necessary. Here are some ways that respite care and companionship help you and your loved one during the holidays.

Respite Care Reduces Holiday Stress

When you’re looking at hosting holiday parties, going Christmas shopping, heading to Christmas programs at your child’s school, or various other holiday-related activities, life can start to feel overwhelming, especially on top of your caregiver duties. That’s how respite care helps reduce your holiday stress. Respite care allows you to handle the things that you need to handle without the added stress of worrying about your loved one who needs care. Knowing that your loved one is being taken care of while you finish finding stocking stuffers for your kids or buying the ham for Christmas dinner offers peace of mind. Caregiver burnout is real around the holidays, and though you may feel guilty for hiring respite care, it’s important that you take time to rewind from the buzz of the season and recharge while your loved one is still being cared for well.

Respite Care Allows Your Family Time to Travel or Christmas Shop

When families aren’t geographically close any longer, travel for the holidays is absolutely necessary! But, if you’re the primary caregiver for a loved one, then travel becomes difficult. There are so many questions raised about whether you can even travel with your loved one who requires your attention, and if they can’t travel, it may feel like staying home is your only option. That’s where we can assist you. Respite care allows you to travel and see other family members while your loved one who can’t travel with you is being watched over and their needs are being met. 

Companionship Helps Your Aging Loved One Prepare for the Holidays

The holidays for some of our elderly loved ones can be particularly tough. They may feel as if they can no longer participate in some of the holiday traditions that they may have started when they were younger, which can in turn cause them to feel sad and alone. When a companion comes in to be with your loved one, they can help them prepare for the holidays by decorating their home for Christmas or shopping for their gifts.  

Companionship Provides Holiday-related Activities for Your Loved One

Companionship care is made for those who wish to participate in holiday-related activities but are no longer physically able to on their own. When a companion caregiver comes in to help your loved one, they are offering them the chance to relieve their loneliness and depression by helping them with holiday activities they would otherwise miss. This could include baking Christmas cookies or preparing a dish for Christmas or New Year’s Day. Companionship can even include watching holiday movies or taking them to holiday parties. Companions can even take your loved ones to local holiday events such as Christmas tree lightings and parades. 

Whether you’re seeking respite care or companionship for your loved one, A Caring Hand at Home has your and your loved one’s best interest in mind. We want to help make the holidays easier. Reach out today to see how we can help you during the holiday season and set up a free home care consultation.

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