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Early Signs of Dementia

As our loved ones age, it’s normal to worry about their mental health. Is their forgetfulness a fluke or does it point to a bigger health issue? If there’s a history of dementia in your family, of course, that’s where your mind will go. Here are some early signs of dementia to watch for.

Memory Loss

Most often, this is one of the most common signs of dementia. Our loved ones might forget recently learned information such as events and important dates. Or, they might ask for the same information repeatedly or rely on memory aids more often. 

Difficulty with Language

Another early sign of dementia is that our loved ones might struggle with finding the right words. They could also repeat themselves more than previously, and/or have difficulty following along with and participating in conversations.

Impaired Judgment

If your loved one starts to make judgments that do not make sense, like unwise financial choices or neglecting their own personal hygiene, it might be an early sign of dementia. 

Disorientation and Confusion

Being confused about where they are and getting lost in familiar places can be signs of early dementia. Also, they can be disoriented about time, places, and dates. 

Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks

Another early sign of dementia is that routine tasks can become a challenge. Where once your loved one was able to cook or manage finances, they might now find it more difficult, either because of memory loss or confusion.

Changes in Mood and Behavior

If your loved one’s behavior and personality start to change, that may be an early sign of dementia as well. Dementia can lead to mood swings, irritability, or an increase in anxiety and agitation.

Trouble with Abstract Thinking

When your loved one starts showing difficulties in planning for the future or understanding symbols, that might be an indication of early signs of dementia.

Difficulty Following a Storyline

Another early sign of dementia is the comprehension of a storyline. Reading a book, watching a movie, or following a conversation might be difficult as your loved one struggles to keep track of the plot or topic.

Misplacing Items

Your loved one might be putting their belongings in unusual places and can’t retrace their steps to find them. If this is the case, it, too, might be a sign of early dementia. 

If your loved one begins to display any of these signs, it’s important to make an appointment with their physician to see if there is a diagnosis of dementia or something else. Early diagnosis might lead to better management of symptoms, treatment options, and plans for your loved one’s future. 

We know how difficult it can be to care for a loved one with dementia. A Caring Hand at Home can be there for you when your loved one begins to show early signs. We offer dementia home care services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free home care consultation.

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