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Is Hourly or Live-In Care Best For Your Loved One?

As our loved ones age or are injured, they sometimes require extra assistance for their daily activities. It’s not easy for them to lose their autonomy, and being the sole caregiver for your loved one can become overwhelming. That’s when getting outside help is inevitable. We need private home care for elderly loved ones, but we have to make a decision about whether hourly home care services are needed or whether live-in care would be the best option.

What’s the Difference Between Hourly and Live-In Care?

Hourly home care services are when agencies decide how many hours your loved one requires with a caregiver for seniors based on their needs and level of care. If you believe you can handle a certain amount of home care for your loved one, you can hire home caregivers to come in during the hours that you cannot help them. 

Live-in care for home health aims to offer home care services to your loved ones in the comfort of their own home. The caregiver for seniors is responsible for around-the-clock care and supervision. They also perform regular monitoring to see if your loved ones have any changes or improvements in their health. 

How Do You Decide Between Hourly Care and Live-In Care?

Making a decision between hourly care and live-in care can be difficult. There are a lot of options to weigh when it comes to making sure that you choose the right home care services for your loved one. So, how do you choose the help at home that fits your loved one’s needs? 

  1. Consider their health and medical needs. If your loved one has complex needs, such as constant monitoring, medication reminders, and transportation, live-in care might be the help at home that you need. 
  2. Consider their mobility needs and activities of daily living. Does your loved one require help with their day-to-day activities? If they need extra help throughout the day and night, live-in care might be the right choice for caregivers for seniors, but if your loved one can manage at night on their own, hourly home caregivers would probably suffice.
  3. Are your loved ones safe on their own? If you feel as if your loved one cannot live safely without some help, then a live-in caregiver for seniors will be who you want to hire.
  4. Does your loved one need companionship or feel isolated? Depending on your loved one’s mental state, they may need a more constant caregiver, someone who can be there for them and help them feel less alone. 
  5. How often are you and your family available to help your loved one? Help at home can be difficult for family members. If you or your family cannot help as often as your loved one requires, then take into consideration the amount of time your loved one will be alone and their needs, then make a decision about whether or not an hourly caregiver will suffice or if your loved one will need someone there at all hours. 

If making this decision is still difficult, please contact us and schedule a free home care consultation to discuss which direction best suits your loved one’s needs and yours. 

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