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Top 10 Ways A Caring Hand Serves Tupelo, MS

Your loved ones are in good and caring hands when you hire A Caring Hand at Home. We know that it can be scary to trust someone else with the care and love that you give to your own loved ones, but rest assured, that in our hands, they are well taken care of. We’re here not only to help take care of your loved ones, but we’re here to help you as well. We understand what it’s like to have the burden of taking care of your mother or father without any outside help. It can become overwhelming and exhausting, and sometimes, the only option is to hire help. We can be that for you.  Here are ten ways that A Caring Hand at Home services Tupelo, MS with home care services. 

Help with Your Loved One’s Daily Routine

Though growing old comes with its limits, it shouldn’t disrupt your loved ones so much that they feel out of place and upset that they can’t do what they once did. We want to help with that. With our home care services, our home caregivers help with the daily routine of your loved one, making them feel comfortable living and continuing to stay in their own home. Aging shouldn’t disrupt their lives, so our caregivers are here to make sure that your loved ones stay where they are most comfortable.

Help with Your Loved One’s Personal Hygiene

Elderly home care with A Caring Hand at Home means that we will assist your loved ones with their personal hygiene. Their age, injuries, or disabilities should not hinder your loved one’s personal hygiene in any way. We’re here to help them bathe, wash their hair, fix their hair in their favorite hairstyle, and help with dental hygiene. 

We are Companions to Your Loved Ones

Sometimes, growing older will come with loneliness, especially when families have busy schedules. A Caring Hand at Home will make sure that your loved one doesn’t feel alone. We will be there to play cards with them as well as help them with making appointments and visiting with neighbors. We will be their trusted companion

We Help Your Loved One with Personal Care

Losing all sense of help can be overwhelming for your loved ones, and it can be overwhelming for you who has to take the burden upon yourself. So, we come in and offer personal care help such as:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication reminders

We Help Your Loved One Stay Mobile

Just because someone has a difficult time walking doesn’t mean they are immediately wheelchair-bound. A Caring Hand at Home provides elderly home care to those who want to stay mobile. We gently guide them if they need assistance with their walker or rest a caring hand on their arm when they walk. We will accompany them on walks, at the store, and at home as well. We will also help them up from their chair and back into it.

We Help Veterans

Veterans who have mobility issues, injuries, or have aged have access to our home care services as well as our VA Accredited Benefits Agents. A lot of times, family members are unaware that their loved ones qualify for the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit. Our agents will help you and your loved one file for this unique benefit and have a 99.5% acceptance rate for those who qualify and apply. 

We Help Your Loved Ones with Dementia

Dementia may be something you never thought you’d have to deal with when it came to your loved one, but the inevitable can happen to those you love. A Caring Hand at Home will help at home with your loved one by providing around-the-clock help. 

We Help with Live-In Care

It’s okay to need a home caregiver to provide live-in care. We aren’t always able to be with our loved ones who need help all of the time, and we want to help you by offering our live-in care services. This way, your loved one can stay in their home, and you are free to come and go as your schedule allows. 

We Help with Respite Care

As the caregiver to your own family member, we understand that you may require a break. We offer our home care services for respite to help give you a chance to unwind from the sometimes heavy load of being the caregiver. 

We Develop and Maintain Positive Relationships with Our Community

One of our goals at A Caring Hand at Home is to develop a positive relationship with our community in Tupelo, MS. We do this by developing relationships with local Home Care and Health Care personnel/organizations but also by developing our relationship with you and your loved one! 

If we can serve you and your family in any way, please contact us and set up an appointment for a free home care consultation

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